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PTC Know-how

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Selected PTC Sites:
- Check with major PTC review sites
- Check for scam list
- Visit and check sites on daily bases
- Based on standard/free membership
- PTC activies only
- Click Value: approximate/common value
- Daily Qty: approximate/common qty
- Visit Daily: recommened

Must for PCT

  1. HAVE Anti-virus, Anti-adware installed in your PC.
    This is common sense that you will visit thousands of unknown websites. Don't go out there without them.
    Norton Free Trial »  |  AVG Free Version »
  2. MAKE SURE you have updated browser and pop-up blocker is ON.
    Block annoying pop-up ADs from the beginning. You should get paid by your clicks only.
  3. HAVE PTC specified email account.
    You'll receive lots of emails including junk emails. Do not expose your personal emails to PTC sites.
    Recommend Gmail for PTC (Some free email services block emails from many PTC websites)
  4. MAKE SURE each PTC site uses different password.
    Most PTC sites are running by individuals. You have no idea who you are dealing with. Don't try to remember them. Manage and store your log-in information somewhere safe.
    Tips: have your own pattern on password: ex) xxxPREFIXyyy (just remember PREFIX and replace xxx and yyy with different numbers, alphabets)

Recommend for PCT

  1. Read their TERMS, FAQ, HELP thoroughly.
    Some PTC sites' terms are very strict. They may deactivate your account for not so acceptable reason. Also, some sites required paid membership to be paid.
  2. Know the value of your clicks.
    0.04 cent is $0.0004, NOT 4 cents(¢).
    0.04 cent = $0.0004: 25 clicks needed to get 1 cent(¢)
    Tips: click higher value first before they are gone.
  3. Have PayPal ready (check their payment options)
    Most PTC sites prefer PayPal and/or AlertPay for payment. PayPal and AlertPay are free and no need to make a deposit.
    PayPal »  |  AlertPay »
  4. Know your minimum pay out.
    To get reach $70.00 minimum pay out with $0.02 click, it may take you several years.
    PTC site owner wants you do other earning activities (referral, purchase, etc) or has no intention to pays you.
  5. Cash out once it reaches minimum pay out.
    As mentioned earlier, most PTC sites are running by individuals, PTC site owner may not have enough funds when you request for pay out.
  6. Visit sites regularly.
    Your account may get suspended for not visiting their sites.
    Check their terms for account activity requirements. Most CPT sites require some activities within 1 week to 3 months. Some sites have option to set vacation mode.
  7. Watch out for cheat links.
    Cheat links are the links that you should not click if you can read.(display as "Cheat Link" or "Don't Click")
    It prevents auto click applications that running PTC sites. Your account may get suspended if you click cheat links for certain times.
  8. Optimize technical performance.
    Have decent computers with faster internet, reboot computer regularly to clean up cache/memories, run anti-virus regularly.
    I prefer FireFox(browser) for PTC activities. FireFox opens new window in tabs(mostly) and you can find good extensions easily in Add-ons.
  9. Expect unexpected.
    Again, most PTC sites are running by individuals.
    Some of your PTC sites may suddenly disappear without notice. Unless site is firmly proved, take minimum payout and don't use their paid service.

Terms for PCT

  1. PTC: Paid to Click
    You get paid by click links and/or banners. Usually you get credits for visiting their website and click links in their web pages. However, it seems many sites use this term as PTR.
  2. PTR: Paid to Read
    You get paid by read messages, ADs, websites. Usually you get credits for waiting 10 seconds to 1 minute after click.
  3. PFA: Paid for Action, PTA: Paid to Action
    You get paid by additional activities after click. This includes sign-up, purchase, survey, etc.
  4. PTS: Paid for Sign-up
    You get paid by sign-up/registration after click. Usually it requires email address.
  5. PTP: Paid to Promote
    Some PTC sites offer you to be paid by promoting their sites or their ADs. Usually they provide you specific link to promote and how should be promoted.
  6. CPM: Cost per 1000 Impression
    It gives you idea how much it will costs/earns for 1000 views. Usually it is estimated value, not an actual.
  7. GPT: Get Paid To
    Terms that you are getting paid for your actions which activity difines from payers.


Selected PTC sites are selected based on reliability, actual site activities and user's review from PTC related portals and forums. However, selected PTC sites' information in does not guarantee accuracy and they are subject to change.

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